Family History

‘Coontin Kin’ used to be a common topic round the fire in hundreds of Shetland homes.  A massive effort has been by the Shetland Family History Society to record all the data and make it available to all who are interested.  It never fails to amaze that two names can be entered and their relationship almost immediately can be given, even if the connection is made by many different strands.

In Unst we owe a great debt to June Owers who delved into the history of Unst’s families for many years.   The original family trees drawn up by her remain at the Heritage Centre.   During the 70’s and 80’s she turned her attention to Unst’s abandoned croft houses, drawing them to scale and documenting who had lived in them – a monumental piece of work.   With financial assistance from our Community Council we now can display excellent copies of these drawings which are of great interest to folk who are searching for their roots.